Registered Massage Therapists

Sylvie Gilbert, Registered Massage Therapists
Sylvie Gilbert, Mom, RMT, Doula, Childbirth Educator

Since graduating from Kiné-Concept School of Massage Therapy in 2005, I have been following my passion in supporting, educating and caring for families and women during pregnancy, the postpartum period and generally throughout their childbearing years.

Techniques I use include:

  • Body Support System to alleviate pressure points and support the growing belly in a prone position - YAY!
  • Swedish massage which relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labour outcomes and newborn health.
  • Myofascial release works on the connective tissue which plays a large role in posture and how we move. For most women Myofascial restrictions lead to sway back, the waddle walk and hunched shoulders. This leads to low back pain, hip pain and instability, sciatic pain or nerve impingement, tight shoulders and likely headaches.
  • Aromatherapy which has been used for ages to relax, stimulate and balance the mind and body.

Everyone has their own reason for seeking massage therapy. It may be that you simply want to relax, take care of yourself and your baby or perhaps you’ve got serious and acute symptoms. I would like to support, educate and help you through this journey of pregnancy and post-partum.

Carla, Registered Massage Therapist
Carla, RMT

Carla Hardman RMT graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, having completed the 3000 hour program in 2012. Working in many different clinical settings and spas has provided Carla with a broad experience of caring for people of all ages and needs.

Using trigger point therapy, stretching and deeper Swedish massage techniques Carla enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions. Carla particularly enjoys working with women and families during the childbearing years. She has taken additional training in pregnancy, postpartum and infant massage.

When Carla's not massaging you can find her running around Shawnigan Lake with her dog Callie and daughters Grace and Maddison tagging along. Or you'll find her lacing up her skates to play some ice hockey.

Robyn, Registered Massage Therapist
Robyn, RMT

Robyn graduated from the WCCMT in April 2010 and has been practicing Massage Therapy in Victoria ever since. She is passionate about health, fitness and self care for herself and her clients.

Robyn uses a variety of techniques including; swedish massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization techniques, stretching, trigger-point release, and homecare education into her Massage Therapy treatments.

She has a special interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women and has taken specific courses in Massage Therapy during the Childbearing Year to help her insure the best care possible to women during this time.

In addition to Massage Therapy, Robyn is also a level 1 certified CrossFit instructor, and coaches at Taranis Athletics part time. Robyn believes that nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness are crucial to overall health and wellbeing. Robyn and her husband recently had their first baby, Cohen, and is loving the journey of parenthood.

Andrea, Registered Massage Therapist
Andrea, RMT

Andrea is a graduate of Victoria's West Coast College of Massage therapy and finds her happiness in a practice that is designed to nurture the nurturers. With a strong background in luxurious 5-star-spa customer service, Andrea takes pride in helping her patients find deep relaxation during times of intense and healing therapeutic massage. She enjoys working with expecting and soon-to-be expecting mothers to help their bodies adjust, as well as prevention of postural imbalances and pain they may face.

She uses a combination of myofascial release, relaxing Swedish and deep tissue techniques to restore and maintain function of the body. Working together with the patient using frequent massage and regular home care, Andrea feels honor working in a career that helps people enjoy life more fully.

She plans her future education to be focused around Women's health needs such as fertility, dysmenorrhea and breast health and to add scientific research to the areas of Women's health and Massage therapy.

Arbutus Midwives

Beth Smit, Midwife
Beth Smit, RM

Beth is originally from Nanaimo, and has lived on Vancouver Island most of her life. She left in 2003 to attend McMaster University’s Midwifery Education Program, and graduated in 2007. Beth practiced in the friendly Northern Ontario town of Sault Ste Marie before getting homesick and coming back work as a Registered Midwife to the Victoria area in 2010. Beth has worked in a solo midwife model and in a group midwifery practice, and is excited about getting to partner with Lyanne Quirt RM to get the best of both worlds: lots of time and visits with each woman and family so they can get to know each other well before labour, and back up if two women labour at once or either midwife gets sick or has been up all night.

Beth loves the midwifery model of care in BC because of the opportunity for personal connection between midwives and women, and because of all the choices the midwifery model gives women with respect to their care and where they give birth. Beth is comfortable with both hospital birth and home birth in normal, healthy situations.

Outside of midwifery, Beth is the mother of two children, born in 2009 and 2012, and has a passion for the outdoors, whether that means working in her garden, or hiking and camping around Vancouver Island when she’s not on call.

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Lyanne Quirt, Midwife
Lyanne Quirt, RM

Lyanne grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and moved to BC in 2005. Lyanne became a midwife because she is passionate about women's health, and she believes that women and families should have access to information and choices in pregnancy, birth, and their first weeks with a new baby. She completed her midwifery training at UBC in 2012, and worked with a group of midwives in Victoria for her first years of practice.

As a midwifery student, Lyanne worked in Vancouver, Richmond, Victoria, and Uganda. She is excited to be joining the team at Pure ELLEments Wellness, to bring midwifery care to Langford and to offer holistic care through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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Jill, Acupuncturist

Jill Moran grew up in Toronto, and later earned an Honours Degree in Bio-Medical Science from the University of Guelph. After graduation she headed west where she attended the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, completing a 5 year degree in Diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. To better her understanding in both the culture and the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jill has traveled to Harbin, China where she completed an internship at the #1 Hospital of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hei Long Jiang Province. While there she obtained 583 hours of additional clinic experience in Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. It was while in China that she found her passion for both neuro-muscular conditions such as stroke, migraine, paralysis and pain, and women’s health. With great fortune Jill completed a rotation in the gynecology department where she gained valuable knowledge in dealing primarily with issues related to pregnancy and birth preparation.

Jill spent her youth and young adulthood playing competitive sports including downhill racing and lacrosse for her varisty university team. From these experiences she has a great understanding of the body, its movements and strain and stress the body endures that might result in injury and muscle fatigue. Jill has been practicing on the Westshore for two years at Mandala Center for Health and Wellness and more recently has joined Pure Ellements Wellness.

Jill has continued her studies in Chinese Medicine by acquiring certifications in Ear Acupuncture (NADA), Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture with Virginia Doran, Sports Medicine Acupuncture with Matt Callison, and is currently working her way towards her certification in Fellowship of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM) having already completed several courses with the likes of Jane Lyttleton, Debra Betts. Jill has also found recent enjoyment in teaching TCM courses at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC.

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